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After being frustrated by the outrageous costs to have kpop items custom made and lack of originality in kpop merchandise that was fan made, KpopSeoulshop was launched. Tired of non existent customer service, slow shipping, one size fits all options that didnt actually fit all and lack of diversity, we decided to be dedicated to being different. We celebrate diversity and embrace body positivity. We make sure the REAL faces of international kpop fans are represented and rewarded in an industry we ALL helped to make a global phenomenon. We are an exclusively minority women owned and operated company.


KpopSeoulShop is a kpop clothing store that is here to provide Kpop fans with more affordable options and original trendy kpop apparel. We are here to show what TRUE representation looks like which is why we have one of the most extensive catalogues of PLUS SIZE kpop dresses, crop tops and more! We are always thinking of new designs and get inspired by new tours, comebacks, and music videos. Some of our favorite artists include, EXO, Big Bang, G idle, Got7, Ailee, BTS, Red Velvet, Seventeen, and many many more.  We also have a severe addiction to kdramas and are expanding our designs to include kdramas in our collections. 

In light of so many tragedies within the kpop industry concerning mental health and suicide we have decided to make it our mission to raise awareness. As of 2019 a portion of the profit of each sale will go to South Korea Suicide Prevention Association . To honor Jonghyun and others who have done well. 

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