• Robbyn Ellis


Once thought of as JYJ’s clean-cut good boy, Park Yu Chun has found himself mired in scandal this month. It all began on June 10 when an unidentified woman’s boyfriend went to the police with accusations of sexual assault in a pleasure club bathroom. The charges were dropped days later. Park was quick to file counterclaims of false charges, but it turns out those accusations were just the beginning.

Since June 10, four more women have come forward claiming Park Yu Chun assaulted them. One of the accusations is from 2014. Since then, it seems that Park developed a pattern of asking women in clubs to come talk to him in the bathroom where he then drunkenly assaulted them. While five women have come forward, Park is currently only being charged for three of the women’s claims. For whatever reason, the first woman to come forward changed her story, and the most recent has not yet pressed charges, though the police have pursued her to take her statement.

Obviously, no one was in those bathrooms except Park and the various women who have come forward. Netizens and fans may never know the truth of what happened, but five women have come forward with details that have led the Korean police to form a 12-man task force to investigate the accusations. Park himself will be heading to the police station soon to give his statement and be questioned. The public will have to wait to see how the investigation unfolds.

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