• Robbyn Ellis

No Min Woo’s Woes

A little history lesson: Back in 2004, 18 year-old No Min Woo signed a 17 year exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. The contract gave them management over No Min Woo’s activities, and gave them the rights to any songs that he wrote over a ten-year period. Despite being a guitarist and singer, No Min Woo was made SM Entertainment’s group TRAX’s drummer. He lasted about two years with the group before he left it. He had a brief stint with another band, but in 2008 he turned his focus towards acting. SM Entertainment did little to promote or support Woo during this time, so in 2009 he left SM Entertainment. They spent the next half decade pressuring directors not to work with No Min Woo as he went on to Core Contents Media and then started his own management company MJ Dreamsys.

Fast forward to April 2015: Six years after leaving SM Entertainment, No Min Woo sued SM Entertainment for loss of wages due mismanagement and emotional abuse resultant from both their poor management and years of pushing directors not to work with him. He claimed that he received nothing in exchange from the contract that gave them rights to his original compositions.

Well, on July 21, 2016 it was revealed no No Min Woo lost his case. A judge has ruled that there isn’t adequate evidence to prove that SM Entertainment did not provide No Min Woo with management after he left TRAX. The judge also said there is inadequate evidence to prove the SM Entertainment interfered with No Min Woo’s career. So, he will be receiving nothing. However, this might not be the end of No Min Woo’s struggles with SM Entertainment as they filed a counter-suit back in 2015 when he filed his claim. A ruling has not yet been made in that case.

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