• Robbyn Ellis

Lee Jong Suk Takes on Child Abusers

Actor Lee Jong Suk has decided to try his hand in the fashion industry, and he’s doing it for a cause. Lee has teamed with fashion designer Jain Song to design a line of clothing and accessories whose messages will be directed at those who harm children. With the slogan “Please Stop” emblazoned across t-shirts, bags, and cardigans, Lee Jong Suk looks alluring while championing his cause in the photos that have been released. Lee Jong Suk took great interest in the design of the items, and Song credits him with the concept. She has been quoted across the internet praising him for his interest in designing clothing for a purpose. And, Lee isn’t getting a dime out of the project. All of the proceeds will be going to Save the Children, a charity dedicated to helping children who have suffered abuse. Hat’s off to Mr. Lee Jong Suk for his innovation and giving nature. He’s truly a man to watch.

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