• Avery Johanson

Let's Talk About the Seungri Scandal

In the past couple weeks, major news has broken out in regards to a BIGBANG member named Seungri. He is facing allegations of pimping out girls in his club, and is currently in jail due to his crimes. Many other idols are involved in this scandal, and it has brought out the dark side of the K-Pop industry. Days after the allegations, Seungri stated that he is leaving the idol industry, and more idols are known to be involved in this crazy scandal.

These recent events have made us K-Pop fans see idols in a different light. They are human, and they make their own decisions without thinking about us in mind sometimes. Seungri was running a business of his own, (outside of being an idol), and pimping out girls to people of importance in his club. VIPs, (BIGBANG's fandom), are distraught at losing a member of the group, after ten years of being active.

While I understand that fans are upset during this time, I do not agree with fans defending Seungri. He is literally serving a sentence in jail because of this. He is an adult. He chose to pimp out these women. He is not the good person we thought he was. And he's not the only idol involved in this scandal. Y'all are childish in defending Seungri for doing something as messed up as this. He did something that is completely illegal in Korea. Think about the women involved. Think about the women who worked alongside him in his club. Think about his own sister. He did this while he had his own sister.

Let us know your thoughts on this topic. Do you think it's right for people to be defending Seungri and whoever else is involved in this situation? Do you think Seungri deserves more of a punishment? We want to know!

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