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New Groups You Need to Know in 2019

Every year, the K-Pop industry proves itself to be very competitive with what feels like hundreds of groups debuting. 2019 has already been crazy active with new groups coming out in only the first quarter of the year. This blog post will show a list of groups that you just need to know this year.

1. TXT

If you didn't already know, BigHit Entertainment, the same company that produces BTS, came out with a new boy group this year. They debuted with their song Crown on March 4th.

Already, the boys are getting so much attention, being BTS's baby brother group. With a group of 5 members, TXT or Tomorrow X Together, has so much potential to be fantastic. With their debut, they made it clear that they are not like BTS, and that they will have their own unique sound.

2. Cherry Bullet

In late January, entertainment company FNC debuted their girl group Cherry Bullet, with their song Q&A.

FNC originally gave a sneak peek of the group back in 2017, revealing 3 members of the group. However, after that there was nothing heard about them until this year. They are definitely a sight for sore eyes.


A month ago, JYP debuted a new girl group called ITZY. Everyone was anticipating this debut, since it had been a few years since JYP released a new girl group of any kind.

ITZY is different from other new girl groups I've seen. They're part of a new age of K-Pop for girl groups that are saying no to the norms that they are put under as idols, much like CLC. There is definitely room for improvement, but it was a fantastic debut, nonetheless.


While ATEEZ debuted in the later months of last year, they have blossomed quite a bit in the first few months of 2019. They debuted with the songs Pirate King and Treasure, and have continued to release mini albums since. They have a lot of potential to be the

ATEEZ is full of uniqueness and potential. Definitely a group to keep your eye on this year.


EVERGLOW is under Stone Music Entertainment and debuted just a few days ago. People are already obsessed. They have a different sound for a girl group that just debuted. It's not a bubblegum pop song like the ones girl groups usually start out with. It feels like a mix between TWICE and RED VELVET, with auto tune.

EVERGLOW is standing next to ITZY in the new generation of K-Pop, giving girl groups a more edgy appeal rather than the cutesy girly feel. If you like girl groups with an edge, they are the perfect one to get into.


ONEUS debuted a couple months ago with their song Valkyrie. This group is full of ambition, their musical focus being dance music.

ONEUS has a fresh sound, with a dance twist. Everything sounds evenly balanced to me, and the beat is great. They kind of remind me of WINNER and TEEN TOP, for some reason. But, that could be just me.

These are just a few groups that have debuted over the past few months. Knowing K-Pop, there will be so so many more throughout the year that people will go crazy over.

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