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Trending in K-Pop This Week

This week in K-Pop’s releases is ITZY’s new music video for ICY. In ITZY’s usual fashion, the video is full of bright, fun colors. This music video has added effects of comic-like fonts throughout, to match the girl’s outfits. These girls really can’t be stopped this hot girl summer, trying to keep an icy exterior motive.

The video was just uploaded a few hours ago, and of course already has over one million views. The fans are all for it, judging by the comments. JYP is certainly doing well with these girls.

ICY is a summer song, and was written by GOT7’s Jinyoung, a talented vocalist, actor, dancer and songwriter. For this song, Jinyoung was the main composer and lyricist, joined by other talented composers and rapper Penomeco. This song really shows off the girl crush vibe of the group, making them seem cool on the outside, even though they are full of charismatic energy.

Daesung’s Drama

Yet another drug scandal has come around. Allegedly, drugs were seen being sold in Daesung’s building. Ever since the prostitution scandal came about, Daesung’s building has been closed down. However, Channel A reported that drugs are being sold from other businesses renting out the building. Daesung never seems to catch a break these days.

Chen of EXO

Chen, vocalist in K-Pop group EXO, has his own cover channel YouTube these days, and has dedicated it to his series of covers. This week, he covered the song Please Love Her by Ha Dong Kyun. Originally released in 2006, Please Love Her tells the story of a man desperately in love with a woman who is already in a relationship. He begs the man she is dating to treat her well and make her happy, since he isn’t able to do that himself. In this cover, Chen perfectly expresses these emotions through his soulful voice and spellbinding performance. You can really tell he is feeling every emotion in the song as he sings.

H.O.T.’s Kangta

After a three-year hiatus, Kangta of H.O.T released two amazing teasers with the caption “Love Song”. The singer’s most recent video release was from November of 2016, so fans are super excited for this comeback. Along with the two teasers, company SM Entertainment also provided a link to the newly revamped official website for Kangta. They are truly going all out for this comeback, and it shows.

EXO’s Xiumin

On Twitter, another member of EXO was trending. Recently the group performed the last day of their concert in Seoul. Xiumin, vocalist in the group, is currently on his mandatory military duty. Apparently, he still took the time to support his group on duty. He was seen at the concert with Super Junior’s Donghae and Choi Siwon, fellow soldiers. When Xiumin’s face appeared on the big screen, he stood up and cheered along with the fans. The other members of the group were so incredibly happy to see Xiumin, and invited him up on stage.

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